Biggest Wins on Sports Betting

The legalization of highly rated companies brings even more security to players and this is reflected in the number of new customers and the amount that some lucky ones received. Below is a list of the biggest winners and how much they received for the win.


The American baseball league earned a 30-year-old gambler the incredible $14 million prize. The player has hit a streak of 6 games from the 2017 World Series. The only thing known, other than age, is that he is possibly a citizen of Eastern Europe. The fact is that to this day, nobody knows the identity of the millionaire.

Vegas Dave

Vegas bettor Dave is a well-known influencer of gambling. His talent for the business was clear in 2015, when he named Kansas City the World Series winner. He went to several casinos to place his bets and miraculously his team won the championship. Vegas rewards reached $2.5 million and that achievement has gone down in casino history.

James Aducci

Tiger Woods was not at his best. Personal and professional problems were always decreasing the golfer’s performance and the chances of winning the 2019 Masters were not the best. However, James Aducci made a bet of $85,000 and against all odds he won as Woods took the trophy. As a result, Aducci took home $1.2 million on his first bet. Lucky isn’t it?

Charles Barkley

Barkley is a former basketball player but currently works as a sports commentator. His sports betting habit became even better known when he supported the New England Patriots in the 2002 Super Bowl with a total bet of $500.00.

The team, at the time, was led by Bill Belichick, a personal friend of Bakley’s. The Patriots won the championship for the first time and Charles Barkley received an estimated prize of $1.2 million.

Richard Hopkins

Finally, we need to tell them about an unusual bet. In 1998, Richard Hopkins took his son to a local go-kart track and discovered a young driver there who looked to have a promising future: Lewis Hamilton. He bet Hamilton would win a Formula 1 Grand Prix at age 23 and that he would also become world champion at age 25. The £165.00 prize pool might not be the biggest, but certainly Hopkins’ hunches are quite a feat.


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